About LSA

Since 2009, The Lithuanian Space Association (LSA) connects business organizations, academic and research institutions.

The main objectives and tasks are:

1. Fully promote and support the Lithuanian education, research and innovation as well as other socially beneficial activities in space;

2. Coordinate National space technology platform and the National space technology cluster activities and develop, consolidate the Lithuanian science and business sectors in space;

3. International integration facilities, joining the European space activities, to achieve favorable conditions for the competitiveness of the sector in Europe and in the world.

The objectives and targets are already set up in 2010, when LSA founded Space Science and Technology Institute (SSTI), whose purpose – to implement the scientific development and technological strategy. The association took an intensive international search partnership. LSA visits by representatives of the major European countries and the world’s space agencies, also science and technology centers, related public institutions, led to the association not only well acquainted with the world of space science, technology and industry development trends, but also to establish close business partnerships to engage in bilateral international and multilateral programs. Partnerships to: USA, Russia, China, India, Japan, Ukraine and many European countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Latvia, Estonia) and the European Space Agency (ESA). A notable particularly strong LSA cooperation with the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Agency, NASA, the Japanese universities and Russian space centers.

Active participation in the Republic of Lithuania institutional activities (working groups, meetings, preparation of strategy papers) yielded reciprocal benefits: public space policy and the space sector transformation was appropriate to direct the coordinated direction.

Since its inception, the Association has become the Lithuanian space sector consolidation and the overall coordination structure, affecting public policy in this field and promote a fully-fledged space industry Lithuania international integration.

Also, since 2014 november Lithuanian Space association became a member of UNISEC Global and UNISEC Europe.


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