Regional Winner 2010

Žydrūnas Andruška, UAB “TOBE GPS” CEO with the idea “GPS Tracker – BELT for Kidnapping Prevention” is determined as the regional winner of the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2010.

The Idea

GPS Tracker – BELT for Kidnapping Prevention


Kidnapping can be a terrifying fact of life in Nigeria, India, Iraq, Russia, and other countries. R ansom kidnapping and armed robbery are easily the most serious domestic security problems many nations currently face. According to a report released in July 2009 by Ibrahim Yakubu Lame, Nigeria’s Minister of Police Affairs, Nigeria recorded a total of 512 kidnappings from January 2008 to June 2009. On average, U.S.$1 million is demanded as ransom for one hostage. Consequently, U.S.$500 million is being lost to rescue hostages alone every year. Another part of problem is that these kidnappings are a primary reason why such countries are so unpopular with the foreign companies whose investments they wish to attract. Thirdly, kidnapping is a barrier to qualified foreign workers that countries like N geria need to ensure their further business development. We understand that our new product will not solve these problems, but it is  a first step toward a safer society.


No similar product currently exists in the market, and demand is present in Nigeria, Iraq, India, Pakistan, and Russia. Security companies want to provide this device to their customers.

The product offers a number of advantages. For example, it looks like regular belt, so criminals can miss it while attempting a kidnapping. It can also be used by people with Alzheimer’s disease, who are often afraid to carry any kind of electronic device. A s such, this innovative TO E GPS product will address a market niche of 26 million people affected by Alzheimer’s.

Target Market

The direct target market is potential kidnapping victims.

The secondary target market covers individuals who care for those with Alzheimer’s disease, which affects 26 million people worldwide.

The GPS Belt concept also has potential in connection with:
• Isolated workers
• Children


Customer benefit

The product will help our target customers – governments of developing countries – eliminate kidnappings, potentially saving hundreds of millions of dollars each year and accelerating these countries’ growth.

TOBE GPS develops ways to make GPS technology easier to use in everyday life. Every step forward helps our partners distribute our products worldwide; the GPS Belt is a symbol of our further progress.

Additional customer benefits:
• Easy to wear
• Difficult to lose
• Extended battery life
• Resembles a normal belt for subtle tracking
More information about UAB “TOBE GPS” is available there.