About the Conference, 2011

International conference “Space Economy in the Multipolar World” is the biggest space-related event in the Baltic states.

Conference is aimed to encourage:

  • cooperation between local and international governmental offices, scientists, businessmen, and investors,
  • application of research results into the creation of space technologies and implementation of such technologies into research and development of new products and services,
  • creation and development of space segment in Baltic states,
  • our intention to participate in progressive and prospective space activities.

Conference is organized and takes part in a small country with its own history of participating in space activities which has prepared and is implementing National program of space research, technologies and innovation development during 2010-2015 and is re-involving itself into creation and implementation of space technologies and is developing its own competence in the field. Furthermore, this country is in perfect geographical position where space-related representatives from both Eastern and Western countries can meet.

Conference is organized for the second time and is becoming the annual event, inviting governmental officers, scientists, businessmen, economists, investors, students and all space fans to discuss on actual questions of space economy.

The second conference „Space Economy in the Multipolar World, 2011 (SEMWO 2011)“ will take place on November 16-18th in  Vilnius.
Conference “SEMWO 2011” has the honour to introduce its guests of honour:

  • Karol Joseph Bobko, astronaut, commander (ret.) of Space Shuttle missions, USA,
  • Igor Volk, cosmonaut, leader (ret.) of the USSR’s Buran cosmonauts’ squad, Russia.

The conference „SEMWO 2011“ will bring  together distinguished space-related persons from various countries for discussion on the subjects of development and implementation of modern space-related services; development of satellite and spacecraft technologies.
The conference will comprise of such structural parts: political, historical, economical, business and technological.

The political part consist of traditional round table of Baltic states „SPACE B3+”.
The historical part of the conference is devoted to:

  • human’s space flight 50th anniversary,
  • mentioning Space Shuttle (USA) and Buran (Russia) programs, reflecting the greatest technological achievements of their period,
  • tributing Rimantas Stankevičius, first Lithuanian in the cosmonauts’ squad, former test pilot of spacecraft Buran,
  • honouring Lithuanians from all over the world acting in the Space field.

Economical and business parts of the conference is devoted to development and implementation of modern space-related products and services, technological part is devoted to novelties of satellite components and technologies.

During the three days of the conference there be held:

  • press conference of the special guests,
  • traditional round table of Baltic states on cooperation in space „SPACE B3+“,
  • oral and poster presentations,
  • workshops on small satellites and their components,
  • unique exhibition of Lithuanian made models of rockets of various countries,
  • exhibition of small satellites and rockets,
  • contact events.

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