About the Conference, 2012

The international conference “Space Economy in the Multipolar World (SEMWO)” is the biggest space-related event in the Baltic states.

The Conference is aimed to encourage:

  • local and international cooperation between public agencies, scientists, businessmen, and investors,
  • application of research results in the development of space technologies, and the use of the said technologies for the development of new products and services,
  • creation and development of the space segment in the Baltic states,
  • our desire to participate in progressive and prospective space activities.

The Conference is organized by and is held in the country with its own history of participating in space activities, and which is following its own National Programme on Development of Research, Technologies and. Innovation in the Space Sector for 2010-2015, and which is ready to re-launch activities relating to of the development and introduction of space technologies, towards the achievement of excellence in this domain.

Furthermore, this country is in perfect geographical location to serve as a meeting point for space professionals from both East and West. The last year SEMWO attracted significant international interest, having been attended by biggest space faring nations like the USA, the EU, Russia, Japan and China.

The event brings together representatives of businesses, science, government and consumers for the interaction in the framework of the Conference programme.

To be held for the third time, the Conference “Space Economy in the Multipolar World, 2012 (SEMWO 2012)“ welcomes governmental officers, scientists, businessmen, economists, investors, students and all space fans to discuss  relevant issues of space economy.

SEMWO 2012 provides excellent opportunities to review assess and discuss the current state and trends of development of commercial space markets.  The topics of this year will evolve around private investments into commercial space transport, emerging market of space tourism, growing interest in Planetary exploration, and innovative ways of augmenting the existing routine operations with Automated Unmanned Vehicle Systems (AUVS) technologies.

Conference key notes will provide information on the Mars Rover “Curiosity”, the project of a car-sized vehicle, launched out of Kennedy Space Centre in November 2011 to the Red Planet, the results of investigation of rocky particles of extra-terrestrial origin, brought by Japanese Hayabusa mission from Asteroid Itokawa in 2010, Chinese plans to drop a rover onto the surface of the Moon, and historical reflections of US Apollo and Soviet planetary exploration programme.

The Technical Workshops of the Conference will focus on most significant advances of global awareness to be derived from remote sensing techniques and multipoint observations using new generation satellites, the huge potential of applications of AUVS technologies in civil markets, like land survey, construction, oil, gas and energy industries, precise agriculture and forestry and coastal monitoring.

Topics of the first day (28 November 2012) of the Conference SEMWO 2012 :
·         Unmanned Vehicle Applications;
·         Nanosatellite Technologies;
·         Robotic Competitions.

Topics of the second day (29 November 2012) of the Conference SEMWO 2012 :
·         Towards International Collaboration and Commercialization;
·         Planetary Exploration;
·         Reflections on US Apollo  and Soviet Lunar Programme;
Baltic Space.

The two days of the Conference will include:

  • oral and poster presentations;
  • workshops on unmanned vehicles and nanosatellites;
  • press conference of special guests;
  • contact events.

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