Summer School Alpbach 2018

The next Alpbach Summer School will be held from 17 to 26 July 2018, and will focus on “Sample return from small Solar System bodies“. University students and young graduates have until 31 March 2018 to apply.

Application Deadline: 31 March 2018.

Online Application

Held annually since 1975 in the beautiful Austrian Alps, the Alpbach Summer School enjoys a long tradition of providing in-depth teaching on different topics of space science and technology, with the aim of advancing the training and working experience of European university students and young graduates.

The purpose of the Summer School is to foster the practical application of knowledge derived from lectures, to develop organisational and group skills, and to encourage creativity. Teams will compete to design the best project, and will be judged by an independent jury of experts.

This year, 60 students and young graduates in engineering and science from ESA’s Member, Associate, and Cooperating states* will be selected to participate in the 42nd edition of the Alpbach Summer School.

The participants will be informed about past achievements and current issues, and will be invited to propose ideas to study the Solar System’s small bodies directly in-situ with spacecraft and, ideally, by returning samples to Earth in order to develop a much wider understanding of these small bodies, their properties, and what they can tell us about the evolution of the Solar System. The participants will be split into 4 teams. Each team will define the scientific objectives of a space mission to further explore the Solar System’s small bodies, and will provide a preliminary end-to-end design of a spacecraft and its scientific instruments, as well as mission and science operations that will meet their stated objectives. They will select and research the problem to be addressed by their specific space mission, and will work with their team members to meet difficult deadlines.

On the last day of the Summer School, each team will present a short mission study to a panel of experts, as well as to all the other teams, tutors, and lecturers.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Michaela GITSCH at FFG, phone: +43(0)57755 3302,

For more information, please visit the Alpbach Summer School website.