Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles(UAV)

Space Science and Technology Institute (SSTI) in Lithuania is a brand new private research organization established by the Lithuanian Space Association in 2010 and intended for space related scientific research, technology development and its transfer to the business organizations.

Experience accumulated in the organization is mostly influenced by personalities working there, in case of SSTI the experience in spacecraft engineering, electronics, communication, aerodynamics etc. could be named. Some of the people working in institute and most of the members of its council have participated in ESA, NATO and FP5, FP6, FP7 European projects or are European projects experts in fields of space, aeronautics and transportation.

As most of the high technologies in science or industry have space application origin, or have been implemented in space or could be implemented there the Space Science and Technology Institute have a wide range of possible fields of activity. Such wide range of possible activities allows both performing thorough researches and producing the final complete scientific or industrial demonstration products. Possibility of producing the final real scientific or industrial integral product was the keystone which had to highlight the SSTI among other research an industry institutions in Lithuania.

FLYEYE – at least 3 times more useful data, at least 2 times faster for the same or lower price. We are working hard on implementation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for multiple commercial and public applications, development of specialized UAV systems. For our clients we offer full-service of our unmanned technologies. Our partners: Lithuanian Space Association, Space Science And Technology Institute in Lithuania, “Blue Ocean Robotics” (Denmark). Our achievements: 1st place winners of the biggest entrepreneurship contest in Lithuania, 1st place winners of air targets contest for military purposes organized by LR Ministry of Defence. We are also named as TOP 5 company in Innovation Conference organized by Danish Chamber of Commerce and DELFI; nominated as TOP 5 company in the entrepreneurship contest organized by German Chamber of Commerce in Baltic states.

For the more information please visit http://www.flyeye.lt

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