The final flights of CS and UAV competition


The final of the competition was held in Molėtai air field on October 18 th, There totaly were eight teams: three CS and five UAV.

All of the teames accomplished the main rewuirements: CS cannot be heavier than 360 grammes, BPO – 5 kilo. All the instructions must be created by the team members.

CS satellites were uplifted to one kilometre hight by the rocket. Sadly neither team could find their satellites. However, the coordinates and flight data were collected.

UAV competition went succefsfully: all of the teames managed to do soft landing, record the images, find the targes and locate their coordinates.

The presentations of the data collected and prizes will be given during the international space economy conference “SEMWO 2014″.


Take a look at the most exciting images from the competition.




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