Expired: Vilnius Innovation Forum 2015

VIF 2015

September 3-4, 2015 Vilnius Innovation Forum 2015 (VIF 2015) will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania and will host more than 500 participants from the EU and other countries.

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More than 40 thinkers, business leaders, policy makers, scientists from a wide range of organizations, including Mars One, World Economic Forum, CERN, Google, World Intellectual Property Organisation and many others.

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Participation in the event is free of charge.

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Apart from 2 day conference with more than 30 inspiring speakers, VIF 2015 will also offer various workshops, science and technology exhibition Innovation Fair and international partnership event. All – free of charge.

The Forum invites small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs, innovation leaders and experts, researchers, policy makers from the EU and beyond to share their insights, expertise and experience on innovation.

In 2015 VIF will look into the Future.

First part of the event – Future Innovations – will predict what most important and disruptive advances in various spheres of human life could be expected in the upcoming years.

Second session – Future Business – will focus on how businesses all around the World are being transformed and reinvented with the help of innovations.

Finally, the second day of the forum will be dedicated to Future Technologies: think cosmic travel, the internet of things, bioeconomy, nanotechnologies, etc.

Come to VIF 2015 if …

– You want to explore innovative ideas, and be inspired by the amazing people behind them.

– You are interested in cosmic travels, robotics, drones, nanotechnology, bioeconomics, internet of things, future of marketing, Large Hadron Collider, design thinking, disruptive business models, innovation strategy and many other topics.

– You would like to learn about the future today. Event will focus on 3 main topics: future innovations, future business and future technologies.

Come to VIF 2015 for the interesting people you will be able to meet here. The event will attract more than 500 participants – entrepreneurs, policy makers, scientists and researchers, educators.

You will have an opportunity to exchange contacts and conversations not just during the 2 day conference, but also in a number of workshops, in the international partnership event, start-up session, Innovation Fair.

At VIF 2013 we had participants from more than 20 countries in 4 continents, including Australia, Japan, USA, New Zealand and others.

More information on Vilnius Innovation Forum 2015 is available here http://innovationdrift.com/