Research and Development Agreement with Lithuanian Power Distribution Company Lietuvos Energija was signed in 2012. The goal of the research is to define the possibilities of mini UAV’s monitoring of the high voltage towers and location of the points of power leakage.

UAV aerial imagery of Baltic sea coast line in cooperation with Klaipeda University of Technology, Coastal Research and Planing Institute and Smart Agriculture applications with Aleksandras Stulginskis University and Nature Research Center of Lithuania were researched in 2012.

Aerial data of the hyper-spectral cameras and radio scanners are processed to build up the maps and provide the customers with analytic information of photogrammetric measurements and detection of situation change.

Since 2013 the co-operation with Blue Ocean Robotics, Denmark in the field of the aerial read out of  RFID for cargo and cattle tracking applications is developed. More:


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Klaipeda University Coastal Research and Planning Institute


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