Participation in 2nd Nano-Satellite Symposium, 2011 March 14 – 16 Tokyo, Japan.


Project of Lithuanian Nano-Satellite presented in 8th Annual CubeSat Developer’s Workshop, 2011 April 20-22, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA.


Participation in International Conference „SPEXP-2011” Scientific and Technological Experiments on Automated Space Vehicles and Small Satellites, June 27-30, Samara, 2011 Russian Federation.

Domantas Brucas photos.

Presentation of Development of Nano-satellite with Re-entry Capsule at,62nd IAC International Astronautical Congress, October 3-7, 2011 Cape Town, South Africa.

Vidmantas Tomkus photos

 Competition of target models which are used in air defence trainings 2012 October 29 th.

Andrius Mika photos

2013 m. kovo 3 d. Algirdas battalion soldier in trainings. 2013 March 3rd.  

G. Ciunio photos

2013 m. kovo 8 d. Space Science and Technology Institute


 Lithuanian CanSat and UAV design-build-launch competition. 2013 June 6th.

2013 m. Meeting with Lithuana president Dalia Grybauskaite. Meeting agenda – satellite “LitSat-1″. 2013 December. 

 Astronautics day in Taurages gymnasium.  2014

Antanas Kiniulis photos.