Small Satellites

Research of Piezoelectric Attitude Control Equipment “PiezoPoz”, Space Science and Technology Institute/Kaunas University of Technology. High-Tec Development project of Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) , 2011-2013 m.

2012m. Lithuanian Patent Application “Satellite Attitude Control Device” ( V.Bakanauskas, R.Bansevičius, D.Bručas, A.Domeika, V.Tomkus, Assignee – Kauno University of Technology, 2013-01-02, Application number: 2013 /002)

Bručas, D., Bansevičius, R.; Domeikas, A.; Tomkus, V.; Bakanauskas, V. 2012. Novel Attitude Control Devices for CubeSat Satellites. Journal of Vibroengineering. Vol. 14, Issue 3, p. 1233-1246. ISSN 1392-8716

Development of Nano-satellite with Re-entry Capsule, 62nd IAC International Astronautical Congress, 2011 October 3-7, Cape Town, South Africa.
Development of Piezo Reaction Equipment for Cubesat Type Satellites. 3nd Nano- Satellite Symposium, 2012 September 12 – 15 Tokyo, Japan.