Apie konferenciją, 2014

Kosmoso ekonomikos konferencijos organizatoriai kaip ir kiekvienais metais kviečia mokslininkus, verslininkus, investuotojus, valstybinių įstaigų specialistus ir studentus į jubiliejinę 5-ąją tarptautinę kosmoso konferenciją Lietuvoje „Space Economy in the Multipolar Word, 2014 (SEMWO 2014)“.

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The International Conference “Space Economy in the Multipolar World (SEMWO)” is one of the largest events in the Baltics, focusing on space science, technologies and their commercial application, each year bringing together space scientists, businessmen, leaders of national space programmes to discuss the latest developments in space economy. This year’s Conference SEMWO 2014 will take place for the fifth time in a row.

The event has become a meeting point for global space actors and partners from small countries or countries that are new in space activities, enabling them to discuss and evaluate current developments in the commercial aerospace market, its future trends, innovative ideas and technologies, investment possibilities, as well as closer co-operation.
As in previous years, the Conference “Space Economy in the Multipolar World, 2014 (SEMWO 2014)” will feature, among its speakers, high-profile space professionals from the established space superpowers: the U.S., Japan, the European Union and newcomers: India, Middle East countries.

The first day (21st October) of the Conference will focus on the International Collaboration including signature of European Cooperating State Agreement between Lithuania and ESA, Emerging Revolution in Space Business, European Space Innovation, Space for Exploring the Solar System and the Universe.

The second day (22nd October) – will involve technical presentations on Key Nanosatellites Technologies and Missions describing latest trends and focal points of contemporary aerospace segment directions.

The third day (23rd October) – will be devoted to Space funding opportunities under the ESA, European Union structural funding of 2014 – 2020 and Governmental grants.

Also the results of first perceptible Lithuanian steps into space made during the period of 2012 – 2014 collaborating with NASA and JAXA will be described giving a good example how the biggest space project of entire Humanity – International Space Station – was exploited helping a small country to launch its first successful satellites.

And the last sessions will be held to report results of Lithuanian annual youth CanSat and UAV design-build-launch competition and future plans.

Preliminary programme is here.


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