Bendra informacija, 2014

General Information, 2014

21-23 October 2014

Cozy, four-star, family-run boutique hotel at the heart of Vilnius’ pretty Old Town, Artis Centrum Hotels will help you relax – just as if you are at home. Whether you have just arrived from a flight, an inspirational stroll through the narrow cobblestone streets or an intensive business meeting, the spacious classical-style rooms with all modern facilities are the perfect retreat. To meet your business needs, Artis Centrum Hotels has the biggest multifunctional conference centre in the Old Town, with seven conference halls.

Artis Centrum Hotel****
Address: Liejyklos g. 11/23
Vilnius, Lithuania

Congress Language
English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.

The official currency in Lithuania is Litas. Currency can be exchanged at the airport and banks. Currency converter.

Credit Cards
Visa and Master Card are accepted in most shops, hotels and restaurants. You will find a cash dispenser on nearly every corner.

Emergency Telephone Number: 112
Dial this number from all public telephone networks anywhere in Lithuania. Calls to this number are free of charge at any time of the day, from any service provider, mobile or fixed line. Dial this number to report criminal offences, life-threatening conditions, health, safety or environmental hazards, and call respective emergency services.

Information Hotline: 118
24/7 they have all answers!

Greeting: labas rytas (in the morning), laba diena (during the day),
labas vakaras (in the evening), labas (informal)
Bidding Farewell: viso gero, likite sveiki, iki pasimatymo, sudie
Expressing gratitude: ačiū
Airport – Oro uostas
Bus station – Autobusų stotis
Railway station – Traukinių sotis
Bus/ Torlleybus stop – Stotelė
Ticket – Bilietas
Old town – Senamiestis
Street – Gatvė
Avenue – Prospektas
Hotel – Viešbutis
Bank – Bankas
Shop – Parduotuvė